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SO16W Aadaptor With 1.27mm 2x4 Pin Header

Model Name : EM-AD-SOK-BK-16W
SO16W Aadaptor With 1.27mm 2x4 Pin Header


The adaptor (SO16W) with 2x4 1.27mm male header is used for EM100 & EM100Pro to connect the 2x4 1.27mm cable to the SO16W SPI socket soldered on the application board. In this way, the user does not need to remove the SPI socket from the board and solder a 2x4 1.27mm male header during development.

Step 1
Remove the SPI Flash from the socket. (Note: If the SPI Flash is in the socket, make sure there is a pull-up resistor on the Hold pin.)
Step 2
Connect 2 pieces of 1.27mm 8 pin male header to the SPI socket.
Step 3
Connect adaptor to the pin headers on the SPI socket.
Step 4
Connect 2x4 1.27mm cable to the adaptor.
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