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 IC Test Socket


ic test socket

IC Test Socket

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The IC Test Sockets are widely used for back-end testing of chips finalizing. It can work under strict testing conditions and transmit signals with chips without soldering them onto a PCB, which helps the engineers quickly and accurately implement the inspection procedure. 
DediProg's IC test socket supports burn-in tests, packaging tests, and final tests.





Final Test Socket

The Final Test Socket is a specified design for testing the high transmission chips installed on automotive, data centers, and IoT devices. The Coaxial structure can support engineering and mass production modes. It also minimized the transmission impedance and energy dissipation, which achieved extended efficiency and stability in the signal delivery.

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Burn-in Socket

DediProg's Burn-in Socket features a modular design, allowing for adding a heat sink or ICTC module based on the testing requirements. It includes a high-performance pogo pin for stability and a wide operating temperature range. Additionally, our patented labor-saving structure simplifies High Pin Count testing, ensuring ease of use. 

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Open Top Socket

The Open Top Socket is commonly used in automated testing equipment. It can be customized in many parts, including alloy materials, probe structure, and surface plating. This item can support multiple tests in the back-end processes, including high frequency, high transmission speed, and wide thermal range inspection. Its modular design simplifies production, and high-performance Pogo Pins can be applied to enhance product lifespan.

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DDR5/DDR4 Module Test Socket

5As the transmitting speed for DDR5/DDR4 SDRAM is upgraded, the DDR socket applies the I Ultra-thin Conductive Adhesive (PCR) to achieve excellent performance in high-speed signal transmitting (>6000MHz). The DDR5/DDR4 Socket is designed via an efficient limit frame, minimizing the replacement time via fast removal functions.

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