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FAQ /Frequently Asked Question

Our FAQ section covers some of the key questions that are often asked on IC programming.  


A. Programming Software - DediWare 


1.  What's DediWare?
- DediWare main structure
- Compatible programmer hardware and firmware
- DediWare engineering mode
- DediWare production mode

2.  What's the Command Line made for?
- The introduction of command line
- How to start command line?
- What’s the conditions and limitations of command line?

3.  What methods can I choose to generate a Checksum Calculation?

4.  How to use unique key on DediWare?

5.  How to set up DediWare for eMMC programming? 


B. Programming Machine – SF Series 


1.  How to program IC with SF Series?

     Setup Methods
In System Programming for SPI NOR Flash
Software Startup Error
Hardware Initialization Failed
ICP Programming Error


C. Installation 


1.  How to install USB Driver for IC programming?