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Customer A
DediProg's programming auto-handler is high-speed and very efficient. Although the handler is running at high speed, every movement of the handler is meeting the objective. It picks from the right place, execution, and goes out to the target place "correctly" with minimum error. With the least error compared to other handlers, it helps the volume to push up.
Customer B
DediProg helps to provide instant support, continuous improvement, and customized auto-handlers to meet our needs. Oftentimes, features had been added on the auto-handler to align our internal process. DediProg helps with discussion, well communication, evaluation, and readjustment. These efforts have been fine-tuned over time and molding up a solution to meet our High-volume production process.
Customer C
DediProg DISC socket design effectively reduces damage and fallout when programming small ICs. When the nozzle picks up the device, it will pick up from the socket's shallow surface, help to reduce damage, easy for the Nozzle to pick up, and, prevent the unit fall out.