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SF100 ISP Evaluation Kit

Model Name : ISP-Eval-01
SF100 ISP Evaluation Kit
USD$ 285



In System Programming (ISP) method Description:
Update your SPI Flash soldered on your application board by using our dedicated programmers: SF100. When connected to the application board, the SF100 programmer can control the SPI bus to read or update the Serial Flash content in a very short time.



In System Programming method will offer you and your customers, the highest flexibility and performances for the update of the Serial Flash soldered on board. It will for sure be highly beneficial for development, debugging, production and repairing allowing to reduce the time to market.


ISP Evaluation Kit Features

The ISP Evaluation board can be soldered in your application on your Serial Flash footprint. Your application and the SF100 programmer will then work on the "ISP evaluation Board Serial flash". The ISP evaluation board is equipped to protect your application during the trials, to test all the different ISP methods and measure the inter-activity with your application and controller. Once the method is validated, you will be able to take benefit of the ISP update flexibility on your current or future application boards.

Target Users

  • Silicon supplier (Controller, chipset, ASIC, FPGA..)

You can easily use our ISP Evaluation tool to check if your current controller, Chipset or ASIC is tolerant of the ISP method. You can also ensure that your next chip generation will be compatible with the ISP method. When validated, this ISP feature will offer a significant advantage to your products for the benefits of your customers during development, production, and after-sale service.


  • Application supplier (R&D, designer, Software engineers..)

You can follow the spec to check if the controller you are using and if your application hardware is compatible with the ISP method. Your company and your customers will benefit from this high flexibility of code update and will ensure the shortest time to market.


Standard Package

  • SF100 programmer to update the serial Flash on board x 1
  • ISP Evaluation board: To test and validate the ISP method x 1
  • 1.27mm 2*4 cable: to connect the ISP evaluation board to the application x 1
  • SMT 1.27mm connectors: to solder in place of your application serial Flash x 2
  • Resistors: 100 Ohm for safe SPI isolation trials x 10
  • Resistors: 47 Ohm for tuned SPI isolation trials x 10
  • N MOSFET for SPI and Vcc isolation trials x 10
  • Resistors: 0 Ohm for Vcc short cut x 2
  • Diodes: for Vcc isolation trials x 2
  • Cables with a test clip: to connect the application powers and reset to the ISP evaluation board x 3
Product File Type File Description Version Download File size Last Update
SF Software Firmware SF Software [Modified Content] 1. Support list add both SPI NAND and SPI NOR chips. 2. Add user manual of both SPI NAND and SPI NOR. 3. Fixed power supply timing when entry configuration setting. 4. Fixed other bugs. 5. Add chips part number.
SF100 Specification Specification SF100 Specification 2.3
ISP Evaluation Kit Tool Manual ISP Evaluation Kit Tool 1.1
IC Part Number Manufacturer Chip Type
Socket Adaptor Package IC Size - Length(mm) IC Size - Width(mm) IC Size - Pitch(mm) Remark