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About Us

● Who we are

Founded in 2005 in Taiwan, DediProg has been the leading brand in providing IC programming devices and IC test sockets. We combine the efficiency of programming hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders to deliver a total IC programming solution for customers. DediProg serves worldwide IC chip companies, and IC retailers allowing them to maximize production output and also provide cost-effectiveness solutions with our automated programming system, device programmer, and programming service. 

DediProg not only provide dedicated solutions for high-efficiency equipment for production but also offer engineering development by continuously investing in technologies and quality control. DediProg’s footprint successfully extended worldwide, including the first-tier Automotive and Semiconductor companies. 



● Vision

DediProg’s vision is to be the leading IC programming solutions provider in the automotive and semiconductor industry.


● Mission

Invent for users

Our goal is to create an intuitive process for technical users. With proficiency in hardware and software, we offer the users a complete method to modify, fabricate, and test the manufacturing outputs, which assuring the engineering teams have a scalable IC programming platform to accomplish multiple goals.

DediProg has devoted itself by the mission of delivering advanced solutions to ease customer production. This R&D spirits has rooted in our value, strategy and action plan, and it is also the motivation for us to Invent for users.

● Quality Control

Stability and safety always matter. DediProg’s products have obtained the ISO 9001:2015, CE, FDA, and RoHS certification to assure a highest standard output.


● Service Network

At DediProg, We care about accessibility in technical support. Our service network spans three continents across the globe, providing efficient, real-time support worldwide. DediProg headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, established a Shanghai base in 2010 and extended its office to the US in 2016. We have 8 branches with a support center, 15 automation distributors, 35 online channels, and 200 employees. DediProg can serve international clients with consultative expertise and technical support quickly, easily, and agilely.


● Products and Services 

 Hardware Products

  • Automated IC Programming System
  • Gang Programmer and Duplicator
  • Engineering Programming Machine
  • Dedicated Engineering and ISP IC Programmers
  • Universal Engineering and ISP IC Programmers
  • Universal Production IC Programmers
  • Auto Tape & Reel Taping Machine
  • Backup Boot Flash Modules
  • IC Test Socket
  • SMT Sockets

 Software Products

  • DediWare Programming System
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • DediProg Auto Teach
  • SecureWIZ

  IC Programming Service

  • Customized IC programming service according to customer’s request.