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DP900 Automated IC Repacking System

Model Name : DP900
Looking for automated universal packing system that transfers materials from tray to tape or tape to tube, etc. DP900 can do it!
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DP900 is a multi-functional packaging system that integrates tube, tray and tape package equipment which allows versatility and flexibility to meet different packing requirement. It is designed to be fully automatic and each package equipment is modularized as a sub-system for easy configuration and allows efficient work turnaround time. In addition, DP900 supports JEDEC standard tray, various SOP tubes and up to 22” tape reel, which is equipped with different sensors to ensure packaging quality and prevent human or system errors. Optional CCD camera can be added to the system for 2D inspection and ink marker for IC marking. LCD keypad is available for each sub-system to allow easier maintenance and troubleshooting.



  • Mechanical Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm.
  • 5,500 UPH (Unit per Hour)
  • Input: Tube, Tray, Tape
  • Output: Tray or Tape 
  • Placement nozzle able to perform 360̊ rotation.
  • Fully automatic and support up to 30~40 tubes or 25 trays 
  • Dedicated automatic tube loader for SOP, SSOP and TSSOP packages.
  • Taping sub-system supports both PSA and heat sealing 
  • Support 22" tape reel and 8~88mm tape width
  • Sensor for cover tape, empty pocket, floating chip and tray position.
  • LCD touch screen for main control

Checking System

Cover Tape Sensor: The sensor will alarm when running out of cover tape. 
Empty Pocket Sensor: Check if there is any IC in the pocket.
Floating Chip Sensor: Check the floating IC.


2D Inspection System
Use CCD to monitor IC appearance. 
Use CCD to monitor IC appearance. 
Ink Marker
Stamp dot, number or letter on the IC with different colors. 
Stamp dot, number or letter on the IC with different colors. 


Standard Package

  • DP900 Main Unit x 1
  • User Manual x 1


Optional Accessories

  • Ink Marker
  • 2D Inspection System
  • Auto Tube In Loader
  • Automated Taping Machine
  • Auto Tray Loader
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