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AOI Inspection Systems

Model Name : AOI
2D and 3D Inspection Systems, check the IC conditions before packing.
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DediProg provides different kinds of automatic optical inspection systems. Integrate one of these systems with Dediprog's automated programming system can examine the IC conditions while programming easily, either from the top or from the bottom, 2D or 3D.


2D Inspection Options:

  • AOI-632 
    • Top Inspection
    • Detect marking and orientation
    • Package: QFN, SOP, QFP, etc.
    • Install on DP600-A Tape Out or Auto Tray-350
    • Device size: All (Except for the CSP that has glossy surface)
    • Camera Resolution: 3MP
  • AOI-640-B
    • Bottom Inspection
    • Detect Lead pitch, Lead Skew, Lead bend, lead length, lead short, package size, dirt between, lead, void, pin count, big chipping, ball condition…etc.
    • Package: BGA, CSP, QFN, SOP, QFP, etc.
    • Install on handler
    • Device Size: Above 5mm x 5mm
    • Camera Resolution: 5MP
  • AOI-640C-B
    • Bottom Inspection
    • Detect Lead pitch, Lead Skew, orientation, lead length, marking (0.01mm), lead short, package size, dirt between, lead, void, pin count, big chipping, and chip crack (0.03mm)…etc.
    • Package: CSP & Small BGA 
    • Install on Hander
    • Device Size: Below 5mm x 5mm
    • Camera Resolution: 5MP

Advantages of 2D Inspection:

  1. Mature technology
  2. Cost-effective
  3. High speed
  4. Less susceptible to shadowing issues
  5. Flexible inspection capabilities


3D Inspection Options:

  • ANS-680
    • Bottom Inspection
    • Detect Circuit Track, Ball missing, ball size roundness, defect, Lead condition, bend & different height. 
    • Package: QFN(5S QFN), SOP, QFP, CSP & BGA
    • Install on Hander

Advantages of 3D Systems:

  1. True co-planarity inspection capability
  2. Reduced false call rate
  • 3D high-definition, multi-camera, triangulation technology
  • Multi-spectral LED strobe lighting
  • Simultaneous multi-part & ROI Capability increases throughput
  • Leaded, BGA & QFN package & supported (5S QFN option available)
  • No hardware change-over required between package types
  • Able to check Lead floated


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