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DP1000-G3 Automated IC Programming System

Model Name : DP1000-G3
DP1000-G3 Automated Chip Programming System is very suitable for mass production in a small office
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DP1000-G3 automated chip programming system is the third generation of DP1000, which supports different input/output peripherals to provide an overall solution for IC chip programming. It supports most of the IC families, such as EEPROM, NAND/NOR FLASH, MCU, eMMC, and UFS, etc.
The system can embed with 2 sets of NuProgPlus Series programmers to provide up to 32 programming sites with stable quality & high throughput. Additionally, the Auto Teach Feature will automatically adjust the parameter to increase the productivity.



  • High Throughput
    • The system will be able to perform up to 3,200 UPH.
  • High Expansibility
    • Able to embed two sets of NuProgPlus Series programmers (Universal & UFS) to expand up to 32 programming sites.
  • Support All IC Families 
    • Supported IC: EEPROM, NAND/NOR FLASH, MCU, eMMC, and UFS, etc.
    • Supported IC Package: SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, PLCC, QFN, LQFP, and BGA, etc.
  • Adjustable Socket Actuating Kit
    • Adjust socket actuating kits make it easier and quicker to switch to different types of socket adaptors according to the socket size. Therefore, you will not need extra socket actuating kits!
  • Support Different Input/Output Peripherals
    • Input/Output: Tube, Tape, and Tray. 
  • DediProg Auto Teach Feature
    • Proceduralize- Automatically adjust handler's parameters step by step.
    • Digitalized- Automatically adjust the heights of nozzles.
    • Increase the speed of system adjustment.
    • Self-detection Function- Increase the accuracy & stabilities for nozzles' pick and place.
  • Software Supports Work Project
    • Able to create a programming file directly through Dediware according to your programming demands. It allows you to start programming right after loading the project, which will greatly reduce human errors. 
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) 
    • DediProg handlers are able to apply to different MES; production line via API protocol is easily to be integrating with their internal server. Work report can be converted to excel file as a record.
  • Optional Ink/Laser Marker/Labeling
    • Different colors are available.
    • Ink Marker supports dot, character & number.
    • Laser Marker and Labeling support barcode & QR code.
Optional Accessories

Chip Programmers




I/O Peripherals

Automated Taping Machine

 ♦ DP600-A

Electrical Tape Feeders


♦ ETF-12mm


♦ ETF-24mm


Auto Tray Loaders

 Auto Tray-250  

♦ Auto Tray-260

 Auto Tray-350 Series

Manual Tube In/Out Loaders

 MTI-220 (Input) 

 MTO-230 (Output)


Ink Marker


Laser Marker


AOI Inspection Systems

 AOI-632 (2D) 

 ANS-640-B (2D)

Label Feeder

♦ LF-100P

Auto Parameter Calibration

♦ Auto Teach

Socket Adaptor



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