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DediProg Launches NuProg-E2 Engineering Universal Programmer

The global market has been generally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic that severely hit the world economy last year. The persistent stay-at-home economy results in strong demands for electronic devices, and semiconductor industry is deeply affected by the trend; since the very beginning of 2021, consumer electronics and electric vehicle manufacturers have faced a worldwide shortage of IC chips. 
According to SEMI, “February billings of North America-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers once again exceeded $3 billion, powered by robust secular semiconductor demand across diverse end-use markets.” The digitization of industries worldwide continues to drive rising investments in semiconductor equipment, and also stimulate the development of all kinds of IC chips.
Meanwhile, DediProg Technology launches a new all-in-one engineering IC programmer NuProg-E2, it supports most IC types on the market, providing a more completed and efficient solution for application engineers. NuProg-E2 combined programming function of Nuprog-E and StarProg-U, and is compatible with ICs of different capacity: range from low capacity MCU and CPLD to high capacity Flash, eMMC and UFS, etc. Designed FPGA kernel architecture and built-in SuperSpeed® USB 3.0, NuProg-E2 has achieved a high-speed & reliable programming performance; it’s an ideal choice for application analysis and product development.