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Intel ISP Adaptor-A(mated with SF100)

Model Name : ISP-ADP-INTEL-A
Intel ISP Adaptor-A(mated with SF100)
USD$ 8



The Intel ISP Adaptor A is only used to connect SF100 to the Intel Motherboard.

Mated with Intel 2x10 connector (Samtec: ASP-159358-03).

The cable length is around 8 cm.

Table 1: SF100 ISP Header Pin Out (2x7)

 3I/O2 or CS2NC4 


Table 2: Intel ISP Adaptor A Pin Out (2x10)



Table 3: Some signals have naming variations between SF100 pin out and Intel Adaptor pin out.

The following is the matching table.

 SF100 connectorIntel Adaptor 
 3I/O2 or CS24CS1 



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