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DP Socket Press Plate

Model Name : SO-Press-Plate
DP Socket Press Plate
USD$ 10


NuProg-E2 Pressure Plate is made of high-grade engineering plastic material with excellent strength, it features two flat sides with hand pressing surfaces for increased contact area and reduced discomfort during use. The specially designed pressure plate structure ensures that it can be used on Dual-Site socket adaptors without any issues.


  • High-grade engineering plastic manufacturing with excellent material strength
  • It can be applied to Dual-Site socket adaptors
  • It is compatible with NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture
  • It supports socket exterior size <32x32mm
  • Dimension: 100(L) x 34 (W) x 12(H)


It can be pressed and open the socket without the hand-press fixture

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