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[Software Release] DediWare v3.12.57.3






(For StarProg Series, ProgMaster Series, NuProg Series, eMMC series, and K110)


   New Feature

1. Support download

    vector to NuProg-F8
2. Support Default check

3. Add entry engineering 

    mode through

    Dediware command

4. Add password on

    login options
5. Add new IC part




1. Firmware Support

2. StarProg-U/F, please

    use FW 2.2.10 

3. ProgMaster, please use

    FW 2.2.51 or above 

4. NuProg-E FW 1.6.16 &

    FPGA V144 

5. NuProg-F8 Master :

    FW 1.6.14 & FPGA

    V144, Slave : FW2.2.16

    & FPGA V137

6. NuProg-F8A Master :

    FW 1.6.16 & FPGA

    V144, Slave : FW2.2.16

    & FPG V137

7. StarProg-A/K100/K110

    FW 4.0.17

8. StarProg-ATE

    FW 2.1.29


Change List

  1. Fix dwcmd -d download project fail while multiple StarProg-A/K100/K110.
  2. Fix Block index issue on load file for NAND
  3. Fix command line issue while use over 10 StarProg-ATE
  4. Fix the issue that batch setting is able to set Program and Verify after load the project with

      erase only
  5. Fix the Buffer checksum issue after select IC part number
  6. Fix the Log shows USB communication fail while press Buffer > Option/Config
  7. Fix the Programmer index issue while press socket counter
  8. Fix Load Prj issue if the project is recreated through LoadPrj
  9. Fix the issue that put in the CD message after press selectPrj
10. Remove blank RPMB for NuProg-E 
11. Fix the dialog of Load for NAND
12. Fix the program result issue for NuProg
13. Fix the programmer order method while NuProg and Progmaster are used on the same

14. Fix NuProg download vector option issue
15. Set limit to 50 words on SavePrj option
16. Fix Command line programmer order issue for K110/K100/StarProg-A 
17. Fix detect UFS issue for NuProg
18. Fix icon level issue
19. Fix start time of project report through Dediware command
20. Fix project with password issue through Dediware command
21. Fix project with serial number through Dediware command
22. Fix low density project issue on Dediware
23. Fix checksum issue for ATTINY1617
24. Fix Dediware StarProg/ProgMaster login fail issue after computer reboot,and optimize

      Dediware connection