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【Product】DP3T Plus Intro




Introducing DP3T Plus

 Ideal for programming various types of ICs in one machine, offering entry-level affordability.



Key Features




The DediProg DP3T is a compact automated programming solution designed for the CSP process. It delivers the programming for the chip scale from 1 x 1mm to 5 x 5mm, and keeps a high yield rate. Precise and measured by design, the DP3T is ready to adapt to the needs of different production lines and significantly increase space utilization and efficiency.

  1. Throughput
    1300 UPH (Units Per Hour)
  2. High Expansibility
    Able to embed with one set of NuProgPlus-U16 or NuProgPlus-U8 with a Maximum of 16 programming sites to program at the same time.
  3. Support Multiple Input/Output Peripherals
    Tape In/Out, Tray In/Out, Tupe in/out.
  4. Software Supports Work Project
    Able to create a programming file directly through DediWare according to your programming demands. It allows you to start programming right after loading the project to reduce potential human errors.
  5. MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
    DediProg handlers can apply to different MES; the production line via API protocol is easily integrated with their internal server. Work reports can be converted to Excel files as a record.
  6. Support Multiple IC Families
    Supported IC: EEPROM, NAND/NOR FLASH, MCU, eMMC, UFS, etc.
    Supported IC Package: SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, PLCC, QFN, LQFP, BGA, WLCSP, etc.




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