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【News】DediProg renewed the “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Development” initiative


DediProg renewed the “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Development” initiative

Nurturing Talents, Sustainable Development

Talent sustainability has always been a priority for us. In our pursuit to create a more diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace, DediProg is delighted to officially its renewed participation in the " 2024 TALENT, in Taiwan, Talent Sustainability Action Alliance."

This Year, we pledge to undertake the following initiatives for our talented individuals: 


【Meaning and value】

We uphold the spirit of “implementation, exactness, lean manufacturing” and the spirit of “develop for users.” to reinforce organization efficiency and teamwork outputs.


【Diversity and Inclusive】

We believe that every employee deserves to work in an environment that values diversity, inclusivity, and open communication. 


【Organization Communication】

We set up a PDCA management mechanism to enhance communication efficiency.


【Reward and Incentive】

We provide competitive rewards and compensation under a practicable KPI system. For those talents with outstanding outputs, we’ll praise them publicly.


【Physical and Mental Health】

We offer flexible working hours, free physical examinations, group insurance, and sports clubs. We even have employee parking spaces and a shuttle bus service to make commuting stress-free.


【Talent Growth】


We offer training programs and a training allowance policy to encourage employees to advance their skills and abilities.

DediProg is proud to support #CommonWealth Magazine Learning, #Cheers, and join the other 400+ proponents in Taiwan who share talent sustainability. 


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