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【Product】Introducing DediProg IC Test Clip




Introducing DediProg IC Test Clip

Deliver firmly attached on SO8 and SO16 IC

The DediProg IC Testing Clip is a sturdy clip designed for testing and programming SO8 and SO16 ICs on PCB boards. It serves as the link between the IC and the engineering tool, enabling users to test and program the IC without having to remove it from the circuit board. This clip is a convenient tool for debugging, programming, or troubleshooting electronic ICs. Below are the power-in features equipped in this compact product:




  1. Structural Innovation
    At the front end, a special design ensures stable attachment to the IC package, providing a secure connection for precise testing. Internally, our clips apply a DediProg-owning patented design (Taiwan Patent No: TWM 641067U) that addresses potential issues of contact spring deformation and detachment, enhancing reliability and longevity.
  2. Durability: 
    Crafted from high-grade engineering plastic infused with glass fiber, our test clips boast exceptional durability and resistance to wear. The contact springs, made from high-quality PhBz copper alloy, undergo a gold electroplating process for superior conductivity, ensuring reliable signal transmission even after prolonged use.
  3. Compatibility
    With a maximum opening distance of 400 mil (10mm), our clips support various SO8 (SO16) components from different manufacturers. This versatility allows professionals to adapt to diverse IC packaging dimensions with ease.
  4. Ergonomic
    Prioritizing user comfort, our clips feature an ergonomic design for effortless opening, minimizing finger discomfort during operation. 

DediProg’s IC test clips deliver strong and precise connections and enhance efficiency and convenience for engineers to conduct IC testing and programming.






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