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Hand Press Fixture For NuProg-E2

Model Name : HPF-NuProg-E2
Hand Press Fixture For NuProg-E2
USD$ 150


NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture is an extremely lightweight and labor-saving tool with a simple design that is easy to assemble. The pressure plate can be picked up and placed quickly without affecting the changing of the socket adaptors. With just one finger, it can be easily pushed to open the socket, making it effortless for the user.
Note:  NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture needs a DP Socket Press Plate in order to work.


  • This tool features an excellent labor-saving design that can effortlessly open a single 5kg socket adaptor with an impressive force ratio of 1:5
  • With the patented slider mechanism, it can support different heights of the socket adaptors.
  • The pressure plate can be removed individually and changed easily
  • The innovative 180-degree reversible installation enables users to effortlessly push the bar in the direction they desire.
  • It supports socket exterior size <32x32mm
  • Dimension: 100(L) x 50(W) x 125(H)


It can be installed in either direction

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