[Software Release] DediWare


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 (This version is for StarProg Series, ProgMaster Series, K110,  and NuProg Series)

New Feature


New Features


1. Support NuProgPlus programmer
1. Display multi-verification info in log window.
2. The version after 3.14.x.x is changed to version 2.2.52 and below prompts to upgrade the FW message
3. Add IC information
4. Disable auto start mode, if the chip does not support contact testing
5. Display unused byte fill value information
6. The
NAND devices which using internal ECC (chip part number include ECC) can set up the max error bit
7. Allow to load 2 hex files
8. Display chip/buffer checksum in log window when user click calculate button in edit window





Firmware Support



1. NuProgPlus: NPPG apply 1.0.30 or above, NPPEU 1.1.50 or above

2. StarProg-U, ProgMaster-U4/U8, StarProg-A/K100/K110: Keep the current version


Change List


Change List


 1. Fix DediWare crash issue if file length is bigger than 260 bytes

2. Fix default check option disappear issue
3. When a Project had seen setting with a password, Double click to load Production, it will skip the process of entering Password. 
4. Fix NuProgPlus eMMC/UFS do not program extCSD/flag/attribute issue
5. Fix NuProgPlus socket status is asynchronous with FW issue