Product Change Notification: SF100

Product Change Notification: No.03082016-001

Affected Products: SF100 ISP IC Programmer

Affective Date: 2016/03/08


This notification addresses the discontinued firmware versions, and the release of new version to support newer operating system and enhance the programming performance with better reliability.

Main modification points as shown below:

1.       Hardware modified

2.       Firmware update to support Windows 8.1/10 USB protocol.


Product Change Description:

1.       Earlier SF100 with firmware versions before and including 4.x.xx will support up to Windows 7 and Windows 8.0, but there is no further update available and has discontinued.

2.       User can refer to the cross reference table in this PCN to identify the Windows OS supported by the respective SF100 firmware

3.       A trade in program is offered for the user that is using an SF100 with firmware version 1.x.xx to 4.x.xx

4.       SF100 version 6.x.xx has been updated to support Windows 8.1/10 OS 


Please download the PCN for detail information.

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