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【Product】DP3T Plus Benefits




DP3T Plus Benefits

 Ideal for programming various types of ICs in one machine, offering entry-level affordability.





In the fast-paced competition of semiconductor programming, choosing the right system can make all the difference in efficiency, productivity, and ultimately success. Here's why DP3T Plus IC Programming System is the unparalleled leader in the entry-level class:

  1. Fast Speed
    DP3T is one of the most efficient systems in its class, while the competing models reach approximately 650-700 UPH. DP3T Plus blazes through programming tasks on 1300 UPH, giving you a significant edge in time-sensitive projects.
  2. Streamlined Programming Device Option
    Unlike competing systems requiring users to navigate multiple programming devices, DP3T Plus simplifies the process with only one device programmer series, the NuProgPlus. This consolidated approach minimizes training requirements, reduces operational errors, and optimizes workflow (especially for high-density ICs), ensuring consistency in high-quality results.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions
    Transparency and value are at the core of DP3T Plus. Say goodbye to hidden fees and additional charges for firmware or library upgrades—DP3T Plus offers these essential features at no extra cost. Our straightforward pricing model enables you to maximize your budget without compromising on quality or functionality.
  4. Seamless Integration Across Platforms
    Whether you're transitioning to the high throughput model to DP1000-G5 or DP3000-G3 Plus model, DP3T Plus ensures seamless integration and compatibility across all DediProg automated IC programming systems. This unified peripherals approach simplifies operations, enhances flexibility, and empowers you to adapt to evolving requirements without system upgrading complexities.
  5. Advanced AOI Integration
    DP3T Plus provides advanced AOI integration for the tape-out repacking process, supporting comprehensive top and bottom 2D inspection capabilities. By detecting and addressing issues in real-time, DP3T Plus ensures IC programming output, providing a smooth operation and minimizing disruptions, regarding the integrity of the EMS production line.
  6. Precision Marking
    DP3T Plus offers precision marking, labeling, and marking ICs for serialization and traceability purposes. With customizable labeling options, DP3T Plus ensures the labeling has a lasting impression, whether it's a barcode, QR code, serial numbers, letters, or characters.

The DediProg DP3T Automated IC Programming System offers more than basic programming—it's a smart investment for saving ROI. By optimizing efficiency, minimizing downtime, and reducing overhead costs, DP3T Plus delivers tangible results that speak volumes and empower you to achieve your business objectives confidently.



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