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[Software Release] DediWare v3.12.83.5







(This version is for

StarProg Series,

ProgMaster Series,and K110.

Not including NuProg Series

and eMMC Series)


1. Add sparearea use file 

    option while load image 

    through partition table
2. Add skip last empty

    block option for NAND
3. Add save partition table

    for NAND

4. Add password setting

    for TI C2000 series

5. Support Adaptor

    recognized option

    (for Handler only)

6. Default check control
7. Add new MPNs

Firmware Support


1. StarProg-U/F, please use

    FW 2.2.10 ;
2. ProgMaster, please

    FW 2.2.51 or above ;

3. StarProg-A/K110 FW 4.0.17
4. StarProg-ATE FW 2.1.29

1.   Fix Display window while multiple files are load for NAND
2.   Fix config issue for SH79F9260
3.   Fix serialization issue for Renesas RL78 series
4.   Fix API for Huawei /TRI
5.   Fix ML610 series issue
6.   Fix site2~8 issue for ADUCM320
7.   Fix option EEPROMSIZE program issue for SH79F326
8.   Fix config issue for ispPAC-POWR1014
9.   Fix select issue for MC9S12B128CPVE
10. Fix option issue for PIC12F1822
11. Fix display force erase status on the log