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[Software Release] DediWare v3.13.12.6

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(This version is for

StarProg Series,

ProgMaster Series,and K110.

Not including NuProg Series

and eMMC Series)

New Feature

1. Add USB is lost information on the log.

2. Add CRC32/MD5/2s complement for chip/file checksum

3. Fix suitable programmer firmware version

4. Create the project while StarProg-A/K110 is not connected.

5. Display SWAP information on the log.

6. Edit window editable on edit buffer

7. Support IO mode and clock speed for SPI NAND/NOR.

8. Create the new log file after stop project.

9. Support import License key for StarProg-A

10. Check the hex file length and IC density

11. Add File format Straight hex

12. Add new MPNs


Firmware Support



Firmware Support

1. StarProg-U/F, please use FW 2.2.10 

2. ProgMaster, please FW 2.2.51 or above 

3.StarProg-A/K110 FW 4.0.17

4.StarProg-ATE FW 2.1.29

Change List

1. Fix Buffer checksum issue

2. Fix force erase issue for NAND