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[Software Release] DediWare


Download Here


Download Here






123.21 MB


(This version is for StarProg Series, ProgMaster Series, K110, NuProg-E, and NuProgPlus-U8)

New Feature


New Features


1. Add LUXSHARE unique key

2. Support encrypted project

3. Add image size and turn on/off VCC function for operation dll





Firmware Support


1. NPPEU 1.4.15

NPPG 1.1.5 or 1.1.7 for encrypted project

2. NuProgPlus BaseUnit FPGA V33

NuProgPlus FW CY3 FW  1.0.12

3. ProgMaster 2.2.66


Change List


Change List

1. Fix edit window chip checksum issue

2. Change get socket status interval time to 200ms
3. Client will not close if programmer plug out
4. Fix NuProgPlus project file size bigger than 1GB download issue
5. Improve reset usb procedure
6. Fix MCU load file option byte fail issue (remove 2 variables from du_header struct which is for security programming)
7. Fix StarProg-ATE create project issue