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[Software Release] DediWare


Download Here


Download Here






156.06 MB


(This version is for StarProg Series, ProgMaster Series, K110, NuProg-E, and NuProgPlus-U8)

New Feature


New Features







Firmware Support


1. NPPEU 1.6.2/1.6.3

2. NPPG 1.1.5 or 1.1.7 for encrypted project

3. NuProgPlus BaseUnit FPGA V33

4. NuProgPlus CY3 FW 1.0.13

5. ProgMaster 2.2.66


Change List


Change List

1. Support NuProg-E2

2. Fix load hex file issue

3. Add a customized folder dialog

4. Add S3909 MCU verification message

5. Fix firmware update fail issue

6. Add get socket SN for auto handler

7. Enhance eMMC extCSD setting dialog in DediWare eMMC/UFS GUI

8. Do not allow user to list project file during UFS/eMMC during copying

9. Display full path of network drive disk in file/folder browser

10. Fix ProgMaster load verify only project file fail issue.

11. Auto delete programmers default project file after project stopped.

12. Add to display LC4800/4600 calculation mode

13. Fix sometimes eMMC/UFS can not stop project.