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DediProg Report Engine – Enhances Efficiency with Accurate Real-time Data

Evan though the vaccination rates seem to be smoothly rising, the work from home (WFH) trend may still play a role in office culture worldwide after the coronavirus pandemic; after all, we all know from experience that work is a thing you do, not a place you go. The workplace flexibility trend will not only be about keeping long-term social distance, but saving time and money for tasks and decisions involve more potential benefits. For companies with multiple offices and factories, a platform that enables to supervise operation and production without restriction of distance would be truly helpful. To achieve the remote monitoring, data security is the extremely important precondition for a certainty.

DediProg Report Engine is designed to analyze IC programming process data effectively and flexibly. With its user-friendly UI, management levels can easily monitor multiple production lines in any place. The monitoring items including real-time programmer status, handler activation and yield rate; the collected record makes operators enable to maintain the production process in factories with higher data accuracy. According to alarm notifications from DediProg Report Engine, field operators are able to immediately notice device errors, socket adaptor continuous defect rates…, etc., then implement corrections as soon as possible to improve programmers’ daily performance in a short time.

In short, DediProg Report Engine is a comprehensive tool that integrates programming process, enhancing the efficiency of your programming solutions up to a new level.