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Product Change Notice-Encryption IC No. 2022022100001

Dear Customer, 

Please do note that DediProg will release the new encryption IC on all future socket adaptors for ProgMaster, NuProgPlus series, NuProg-E2, and StarProg-U on April 1st, 2022. All DediProg programmers need to update the firmware in order to use new socket adaptors with new encryption chip.



ProgMaster: Version [4.4.1] or above

NuProgPlus General: Version [1.3.2]/[1.3.3] or above

NuProgPlus for eMMC & UFS: Version [1.9.8]/[1.9.9] or above

NuProg-E2: Version [1.3.1] or above

StarProg-U: Version [2.2.17] or above