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【Products & Services】DediProg Zero Trust IC Programming Solution

DediProg Zero Trust IC Programming Solution 



 why we need zero trust architecture

Why the chip programming is in need of “Zero Trust Architecture”?

Of course safety. The motivation for implementing a “Zero Trust Architecture” stems from the increase in network breaches of IoT devices. No one wants a product or data prone to hacking or theft.

Meanwhile, as vehicles get smarter and connected, Cyber Security in the automotive industry is also becoming an increasing concern. Either IoT network security or automotive cyber security, the only purpose is to find a way to prevent hacking of connected devices by demanding a robust “Chain of Trust” across the entire product lifecycle. The “Zero Trust IC Programming Solution” can assist clients in achieving this goal. 


 benefits of zero trust programming

What are the benefits of choosing DediProg Zero Trust IC Programming Solution?

One-off charge. No extra fee will be applied on each unit.

      High Usability
One tool with an accessible interface design for all users.

      One Station Service
Seamless integration of software and hardware with self-owned technical operation platform.

      Robust Security
DediProg hardware and software-based security provide a “Chain of Trust” rooted in chips and Secure MCUs function.